Create a WordPress Website in Under 30 Minutes Without Any Coding Knowledge!

Today, I wanted to share some insights with you in the form of a blog post on how to create a WordPress website in under 30 minutes without any coding knowledge, in the video I create a website using a block theme for the full site editing experience with WordPress. The full site editing experience is a relatively new addition, but it’s continuously evolving and has become quite stable. The full video can be viewed below.

One of the most impressive aspects of this development is that anyone, even those without coding experience, can build a website. In the video I dive into the process live, so please bear with me as we go through the steps. If you find the video to be too slow, you can always speed it up to 2x for a quicker overview.

To begin, install the “create block theme” plugin. A block theme qualifies for full site editing and essentially defines it. Once installed and activated, you’ll find a new menu in the “Appearance” section where you can create a block theme. You can choose to clone existing themes or create a basic empty theme. For demonstration purposes, in the vidoe I call mine “July.”

Now, let’s generate the theme, and it will appear in the “Appearance” > “Themes” section. Activate the theme, and you can access the full site editing experience from the editor or the front end.

In the editor, you’ll see two sections: templates and patterns. Templates are similar to common templates used in classic themes, such as the index page, single page, category, and tags. The underlying structure of the block theme is generated with just the index page and a style.css file, which acts as the main stylesheet.

You can make adjustments to the static areas of your site, known as template parts, like the header and footer. You can edit these parts and also manage the alignment and width of the blocks within them.

You can also customize the overall look of your site using global styles. These settings influence all parts and elements of your site. For example, you can set the typography, colors, and content layout.

Creating a page template is quite straightforward. You can start by using the existing templates provided by WordPress or build your own by selecting template parts, like the header, content, and footer, and arranging them as desired. You can also apply global styles to control the overall appearance of your templates.

You can manage your theme’s fonts by accessing the Google Fonts Library and adding the desired fonts to your theme that the “Create Block Theme” also provides.

Overall, the block theme and full site editing features provide extensive control over the appearance and layout of your website, allowing you to create custom designs without having any coding knowledge.

Create a WordPress Website in Under 30 Minutes Without Any Coding Knowledge

I hope you found this blog post helpful in now understanding how to utilise WordPress’s full site editing capabilities. As a recap of this post simply take a look watch the video above. If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading!


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