COVID-19 Conceptal Community Support Website using WordPress

Given the Covid-19 outbreak, I wanted to do something for the community using WordPress.

With the concept of isolation upon us, I wondered if I could build something that might help those going into isolation and those who can help others in isolation in their local area.

The idea is that anyone in the UK can register with a postcode and list themselves as “Can help” or “In isolation”.

When logged in, those who can help can then see a list of those people who are in isolation and can simply message them.

As this is a staged version to prove the concept feel free to use this as a testing platform.

Testers are welcome to register 2 dummy accounts with access to both email addresses and prove it works. Just register 2 accounts, 1 in the “Can help” category and the other 1 in the “In isolation” category.

At the time of writing this, the distance radius between the 2 accounts is set to 50-miles. In reality, I would see this as a 1/5/10 mile radius, it’s just a concept for now and something that can be built upon. Once the accounts are registered you can test!

If you log in to the account in the category of “Can help”, you should see the other account as long as you’ve added the postcodes of each account within a 50-mile radius of each other.

Note this is a concept geared up for testing, none of the data obtained will be used for any other purposes other than testing.

I’d love to get feedback on this and role it out with the help of others who can contribute to content, privacy, UX etc.

This is a community thing so it should be a community effort.

Test the working staged version.


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