Passing WordPress configuration settings to your Javascript files

I always pass data to Javascript from PHP but I’ve never thought about passing local wp-config defines but there is no reason why you can’t! May come back to this to add more information but for now its a quick n dirty documentation of what I’ve just setup in a local environment. In my wp-config.php […]

Script removal or deleted HTML in WordPress Multisite post content

The title is a little misleading but my guess is this is what WordPress developers will be searching for so, to help other developers who stumble across this bug, by the way, it is not a bug it’s about permissions, here goes! There is a function called map_meta_cap in /wp-includes/capabilities.php – this takes 3 parameters […]

How we live streamed the WPChelt meetup with StreamYard to keep the community connected

Last week, late on Friday afternoon, we decided to cancel our meetup. Given the meetup was on the following Wednesday it was a big ask to figure out how we would deliver something under the current circumstances. The current landscape is changing rapidly and with a growing number of people now working remotely it only […]

COVID-19 Conceptal Community Support Website using WordPress

Given the Covid-19 outbreak, I wanted to do something for the community using WordPress. With the concept of isolation upon us, I wondered if I could build something that might help those going into isolation and those who can help others in isolation in their local area. The idea is that anyone in the UK […]

WooCommerce how to make a user exempt from tax charges

I’ve been working on a WooCommerce project recently, the client asked if I could isolate certain users who would need to be exempt from being charged any tax or VAT on products sold through their WooCommerce shop. This particular shop was behind the standard WordPress login so it was simply a case of: adding a […]